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Essie been hailed as among the nail color and care brands in the beauty industry. Essie nail lacquer was created for people who like to have nails and enjoy nail color and results. Polish has been featured in Style, People Magazine, Redbook Magazine and popular beauty books. Essie nail enamel has been worn by numerous celebrities through the years. You know that will be fantastic and well, when you use the brand. Essie guarantees results that are stunning. It is that simple. Essie has been Offering unique nail colors and women have come to love. Essie has taken a radical approach to creating and naming nail color, going so far as to call their attention a color obsession. Each and every nail polish is loaded with color that spreads evenly and easily on each nail it is applied to.

Gel Nails Trendy

That is the beauty of Essie your nails will look beautiful as they are transformed into powerful durable nails. This implies toenails too A step was taken by Essie several years ago when it created a whole color panel devoted to pink. Incredibly colors and shades kissed with color women and the lovely love pink. Here areĀ  a few of the pink colors provided at spas and salons around the world: Infatuation, Cloud Nine, My Way, Rock Candy, Luscious Lips, Ballet Slippers, Princess Pink, Pink Diamond and Jazz. These fun and nail polish names are a manifestation of Essie’s enthusiasm for innovative products coloring and premium nail maintenance. Needless to say, the nail color paint is perfect as it is title

Stylists and beauty Experts trust Essie Nail Polish as a pioneer in the nail care industry, promoting one of the nail color lines on the planet. Essie Nail Polishes do bring color; research and science backs them. Pink Essie nail polishes bring proven benefit is. When you use Essie, you are coating your nails with vitamins and nutrients. Essie makes nails feel and look healthier than any title in nail care. Pink Essie polish is offered to salon professionals. So as to maintain it is exclusivity Cosmetics are sold to salon owners and distributors that are encouraged to market products. Bases semipermanentes are represented across a color range that was diverse, but are fantastic for any occasion. Pink nail lacquer may be worn in the office in a professional setting, out going on a trip, or for a night on the town with that special someone. Pink Essie is ideal for every occasion and any girl. Enjoy

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