Singapore property Management


The ASM is the association, which is the national one and will be protecting the best of MCST in the country of Singapore. It refers to the association of Strata manager,and also the MCST refers to the Management Corporation Strata title suggest a same will be protecting the property managing agents singapore in all the beginning in the year 2012, and it has been remained finding the platform which is interactive for the firms of strata management agents in Singapore. The ASM is up to 20 managing agent forms and also more than seven hundred corporations across the country of Singapore. Aside from the protection of the interests of the members will be remaining dedicated and devoted to providing the meaning for exchange of the knowledge as the remains in the country of Singapore.

property managing agents singapore

Vision and mission

The ASM will be Aligning its purposes as well as the idea for the Framework as well as the guidelines which are administered by the Singapore governmental bodies. The ASM will be remaining dedicated for preserving the practice which is professional and the ethics in the management of the property of the premises which are strata titled amongst the Singapore managing agents which is based on the laws of the constitution and the legislation by the BMSMA. Here the BMSMA refers to building maintenance and strata management act.


The association will be in commitment for the maintenance as well as the promotion of the professional conduct which is of a higher standard and the property management ethics of the properties which are strata titled when they are legislation managed.