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The Muscle Asylum Project – Breakthrough Supplements Reviewed

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The appearance of the most hardcore legal addition that will ever be created, initiates this madness. The company, called Muscle Asylum Project, is actually run by Powerhouse MuscleTech. Possessing enormous resources and many years of experience in such a popular and respected company, the Muscle Asylum project will undoubtedly bring surprising, lasting and truly hard results for the most unconditional niche of our current sport. Let’s take a closer look at the first four exciting and innovative products that will be released, including Altered State, Freak Fix, Anabolic Overdrive (OD) and, finally, the long-awaited capsule with fat-burning serum.

Altered state formula – nitric oxide

The altered state gives us maximum vasodilation for maximum muscle pumps loaded with blood. The official launch refers to an advancement process called “nitrous oxide vasoreactive shock therapy”. In essence, this refers to the process in which the blood is injected into the muscles that work, which increases the number of pumps, the fullness and the thickness of the muscle tissue. When your muscles are swollen to the most severe size and appearance, the altered state is really what you will become.

Freak Fix – a protein matrix synthesizer for muscles


In the nut shell, uridine insomnia is ​​the first molecularly enhanced protein matrix that synthesizes the muscles you’ve known. Not only can he add some serious and unusual muscle mass, but also that incredible level of strength he has always insisted on. The ideal time is to consume ugliness immediately after your training, but it is not an exact science, feel free to take it at any time during the day.

Anabolic O.D. (Over Drive) – Activation after training

Anabolic Overdrive is simply the most powerful post-workout bodybuilding supplement available during this article. Immediately you will feel strong effects. According to their intense and intense workouts, the anabolic OD literally triggers the activation of the key satellite cells, resulting in a regeneration and growth of outstanding muscle cells. This process causes a new growth of muscle tissue, as well as a significant and rapidly noticeable increase in levels of lifting force.

Fire – Hardcore Fat Burner

Arson is unique in the fat burning industry because it comes in the form of serum, instead of standard tablets, which are difficult to swallow and, in many cases, alter the stomach. These heat-injection serum capsules are extremely effective in isolating fat cells from your body. The combination of extract of Cissusquadrangularis, gamma-butyrobetaineeicosanoate and uridine supplements, Arson has a complete solution of a formula for soaking fat. It is safe and effective, so you should not worry about unpleasant side effects.

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